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LNGSTS is wholly owned by Teekay Tankers and is part of Teekay Marine Solutions. It is ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004, 18001:2007 certified for “Management of operations and associated activities of LNG terminals, transfers and vessels.” It is one of the world’s leading service provider companies with over 30 years of transfer experience involving crude oil, refined petroleum products, LPG, LNG and even items for the Department and Ministry of Defence (DOD and MOD). It has had a dedicated LNG department since 2005.

The Right Choice in LNG STS

We deliver unmatched expertise in the marine transfer of LNG and LPG through cost-effective and safety-focused solutions. A combination of local assets and ultimate flexibility make us the provider of choice in the Global LNG market.

100% Prepared

The LNGSTS team is experienced in ship-to-ship emergency response and can ensure the success of your next operation. Our detailed incident response plan is based upon time-tested scenarios and can support you when you need it most.

We Provide


We are the only company to own complete sets of LNG STS transfer equipment ready for deployment.

Terminal Management

LNGSTS operate terminals worldwide to exacting standards based on experience gained over the last ten years.

Project Consultancy

Providing consultancy services from operational inputs to design requirements for varying projects from Terminal design to vessel conversion.

Small Scale LNG

Having pioneered the small scale process with 65 operations in Japan, LNGSTS is leading the way in developing new small scale opportunities for terminals and STS.

Safe LNG Cargo Transfers Worldwide

LNGSTS is committed to achieving operational excellence and delivering flawless customer service using an integrated risk-based approach to the management of health, safety, environment, quality and security.

We’re committed to:

Zero Harm

Strive for zero harm to people and property by holding Health and Safety as our first priority

Zero Spills

Strive for zero spills and minimize the impact of our operations on the environmentority

Risk-Based Security Measures

Safeguard personnel and property through risk based security measures

Regulatory Requirements

Meet or exceed all regulatory requirements

Training and Development

Enhance the competence of our people through structured training and career development

Continual Improvement

Use performance measures to continuously improve our operations

The Right Choice in LNG STS

We deliver unmatched expertise in the lightering of LNG and LPG through cost-effective and safety-focused solutions. A combination of local assets and ultimate flexibility make us the provider of choice in the Global LNG market.

100% Prepared

LNGSTS team is experienced in ship-to-ship emergency response and can ensure the success of your next operation. Our detailed incident response plan is based off time-tested scenarios and can support you when you need it most.

LNGSTS is certified: ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified

Our Team

Stephen Davidson
Vice President

Stephen Davidson is one of the founding members of our LNG Department and has led the team’s strategic direction from humble beginnings to global success. With over 20 years of experience in LNG and process engineering, he leads the team while maintaining the organisation’s vision, mission and direction. He is a true pioneer of the LNG Industry.

Dave Humphrey
Project Engineer

Dave Humphrey has 45 years seagoing experience, with 23 years as Chief Engineer on LNG Carriers including multiple new builds, LNG life extension projects and various associated functions. Work scope now includes support for the LNGSTS team in terms of LNG terminal management/maintenance, LNG -STS and FRSU operations and training.

Jason Ratcliffe
LNG Superintendent

Jason Ratcliffe is a Master Mariner with over 25 years of marine experience in a variety of marine areas. Specialised in LNG since 2003, with experience in LNG Terminals, LNG Ship Management and Energy Major Marine Assurance department. Conducted Emergency STS and routine LNG STS operations.

Adam Dixon
Management Trainee

Adam Dixon is our Management Trainee here at LNGSTS. He has over 5 years’ management experience and comes from an electrical background working within the Teesside chemical industry. He is currently working his way through an internship that will complement the degree in Business Management he is currently undertaking.

Adam Sanders
Project Engineer

Adam Sanders is a Project Engineer with experience working on Crude, Product and LNG carriers. His experience includes LNG terminal management, vessel dry dock and super intendancy and has been involved with the technical support and management of LNG import and regasification terminals, LNGC to FSRU conversion as well as STS operations. His practical and common sense views on complex engineering solutions make a common understanding and way forward on important projects easy to implement.

Stuart Goddard
General Manager

Stuart Goddard is our General Manager. Whose experience as a senior mariner onboard and as a manager in shore terminals gives him complete oversight into the requirements of our projects. He has previously managed many of our projects and now ensures the day to day running of the business continues to our client’s satisfaction. He is an innovator in creating solutions and procedures for client’s needs.

Yoko Cruz
Project Coordinator

Yoko Cruz is a project coordinator who has sailed as Chief Officer and 15 years seagoing experience. A former STS operator within the oil sector brings varied knowledge and experience including HR, administrative support, import and export including Incoterms 2010 and LOC.

Mark Tyler
LNG Superintendent

Mark Tyler is a Master Mariner that brings over 35 years of sea going experience to his role as LNG Superintendent.  In conjunction with the other LNG Superintendents, he brings the depth of practical marine experience that clients look for when planning and/or executing transfer operations.

Gary Gibson
LNG Superintendent

Gary Gibson is an LNG Superintendent who has 19 years seagoing experience and has sailed as Chief Officer. Since working at LNGSTS his experience includes over 20 LNG ship to Ship operations as well as terminal commissioning experience in Jordan and FSRU commissioning in Egypt. His hard work and dedication to the technical aspect of operations ensures each operation is planned and executed effectively and safely.

Mathew Russell
Operations Assurance Manager

Mathew Russell is our Operations Assurance Manager who uses his marine experience within the LNG sector to elevate the organization's policies and procedures above our companies and clients expectations. His attention to detail has brought a perspective that has enabled the LNG department to approach client’s challenges from different angles, enabling us to offer various solutions and more diverse services.

Neil Sellar
Terminal Manager, Jordan

Has 10 years seagoing experience on various classes of vessels and has worked for 7 years in a shorebased technical role with Q-Flex and LNGC vessels. Moving onto a vessel management role before joining Teekay Marine Solutions.

Graeme Ross
LNG Superintendent

Graeme Ross has varied experience within LNG Projects including LNG Marine Assurance and Port Compatibility assessments, Port design & Procedures, vetting, risk assessment, compatibility, incident mitigation and marine operations. Graeme joined the team recently and with his experience hopes to provide a balanced, evaluated, perspective to all aspects based on 1st hand experience.

Dimitrios Evgenidis
Trainee Project Engineer

Dimitrios has an MSc in Marine Engineering and a BSc in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering. He has served as an Electronics Technician in the Hellenic Navy and also has worked on Automation on board commercial vessels. Moreover, he has worked at the Technological Education Institute of Athens as a laboratory assistant and conducted research on Underwater Semi-Autonomous Vehicles.


Backed by years of experience in ship-to-ship cargo transfers, LNGSTS was an integral part of the team that first developed commercial ship-to-ship transfers of LNG where we continue to deliver unmatched experience in this arena.

2005 Offshore FSRU Terminal, United States

Provided Management and O&M services for the world’s first offshore LNG receiving facility.

Short-term, opportunistic trading into the Henry hub.

2007 FSRU Terminal, United Kingdom

Provided consultancy, procedural development and managerial services during conception, commissioning and operation of the world’s first regasification shore based GasPort.

12 months from site selection to in-service.

2008 Offshore FSRU Terminal, United States

Provided Management and O&M services.

Consultancy services provided during construction, 7 month timeline from start to in-service.

2008 FSRU Terminal, Argentina

Provided consultancy and managerial services during construction, commissioning and operation.

Developed operating procedures, manuals and commissioning plans for both HP Regas and LNG STS operations.

6 months from start of project to in-service.

2009 FSRU Terminal, Kuwait

Provided consultancy and managerial services throughout the design, construction, commissioning and first season’s operation for all aspects including Marine, HP Regas and LNG transfer operations.

Developed all operating procedures/manuals, continued to provide technical support at all stages of the project.

Providing Technical O&M management services till 2018.

2011 Break Bulk LNG Terminal Project, Japan

Assisted project clients in developing a small scale LNG STS system (125,000m3 to 3,500m3 vessels), incorporating all recommendations contained within the new SIGTTO ship-to-ship guidelines. Developed and delivered a training program tailor-made for this project. LNG STS commenced with commissioning in November 2011.

2011-2016 FSRU Terminal, UAE

Providing Marine assurance, advice and support services.

Carrying out all compatibility studies as required to ensure all vessels calling at the FSRU Terminal are fully compatible as per the predefined limitations.

2012 SIGTTO ship-to-ship Guideline Working Group

Sat on the working group to develop the recently published LNG STS Guidelines.

Active member within SIGTTO.

2013 FSRU Terminal, China

Contracted to prepare and deliver commissioning services.

Acted as owner’s representatives.

Provided PHSSER study.

Delivered training for key client personnel, class room and hands-on at our other managed terminals and then onsite in China.

2014 Offshore FSRU Terminal, Indonesia

Assisted with the commissioning activities of offshore FSRU in Indonesia.

Wrote a complete commissioning procedure for the FSRU and land based terminal, from gas up and cool down operations to the first ship-to-ship operation.

Carried out a full and in depth procedural review on the Ship-To-Ship Procedures.

2014 – 2015 Provide Services For  Emergency Ship-to-Ship Transfers

Acted as ship-to-ship consultants LNGC Operators during distressed ship-to-ship operations.

Offered technical advice based on experienced gained through other ship-to-ship operations.

2015 – 2025 FSRU Terminal, Jordan

Awarded full 10 year O&M contract providing operational and management services for FSRU terminal in Jordan.

Provide commissioning and mobilisation service prior to terminal coming into operation.

Provide operational manuals and procedures for equipment as well as write in-depth commissioning procedure.

2015 Representation during reload operations, UK

Initially employed as cargo representative by client during the first reload operation from an LNG receiving terminal in the UK to an LNG vessel. The operation involved the cooldown of the LNGC.

LNGSTS has also conducted additional LNG operations representing clients at other locations.

2015 FSRU Terminal, Egypt

Provided commissioning services for new FSRU terminal and vessels in Egypt.

Provided training to crew of FSRU in ship-to-ship procedures

2015 SPT Marine transfer services Acquired by Teekay Tankers and renamed LNGSTS