Ship to Ship


We offer full-service provision of LNG and LPG ship-to-ship transfers including the commissioning, training and  deployment of mooring masters and transfer superintendents.

LNGSTS is the only service provider to be able to deliver full turnkey solutions including personnel, services and LNG STS transfer equipment.

Global Transfer Locations

LNGSTS provides ship-to-ship transfer services from a network of locations. We can also supply services in areas specified by the customer, we are highly experienced at liaising with local and national authorities in obtaining permission for operations. Our worldwide locations include:

flag_uk Scapa Flow, Scotland

eg-flag0     Suez, Mediterranean

flag_uaeDubai, United Arab Emirites

Gibraltar_small     Gibraltar, Mediterranean

mt-flag     Malta, Mediterranean

flag_indonesiaLinggi, Malaysia

US-flag     Gulf of Mexico

Cyprus_small     Cyprus, Mediterranean

Experienced Team

Mooring Master Provision

Our pool of mooring masters have extensive training and experience–.
All our Mooring Masters:

  • Are directly employed by LNGSTS;
  • Have at least three years of command experience;
  • Hold a valid Unlimited Masters Certificate of Competency;
  • Hold a DCE for the cargo to be transferred; and
  • Undergo a minimum of six months of training where they are appraised and reviewed through practical assessments.

We can supply highly trained Mooring Masters to facilitate berthing, mooring and bringing the vessels to a safe location. Berthing can be done underway or at anchor depending on the location and the support craft available.

LNG STS Superintendents

Our Superintendents fully understand all aspects of liquefied gas STS, this allows us to efficiently deliver results with multi-disciplinary knowledge.  The majority of our team have worked for, and with, the gas majors and are responsible for planning operations from start to completion; they will communicate with all parties, ensure vessel compatibility, develop a Joint Plan of Operations (JPO), attend the vessels, coordinate equipment logistics, act as loading masters and oversee operations.

Our ship-to-ship Superintendents can also be used for assurance purposes, attending vessels for clients to conduct audits or to ensure that operations in unfamiliar ports are conducted in line with current local and international regulations.

Ship-to-Ship Services

LNGSTS provides ship-to-ship transfer solutions which can assist our clients in increasing fleet availability and flexibility. It can also allow vessels to bypass berthing in port for cargo transshipment operations. Vessels can safely and cost-effectively transfer their cargo while reducing port fees and costs incurred for support craft and jetty usage. We have experience in conducting LNG STS underway, at anchor and alongside berth. Our services include:

  • LNG STS full service provision
  • Gas up and cool down services
  • Alongside existing berth STS
  • Mooring Master provision/experience
  • Experienced LNG STS Superintendents
  • STS procedural development
  • STS equipment procurement
  • Emergency STS response and planning
  • Ship to shore services
  • Non routine operations
  • Compatibility and mooring studies

Gas Up and Cool Down Services

LNG STS offers gas up and cool down services for LNG vessels via STS.

This flexible service reduces a vessel’s time alongside, limiting berth and port costs. The vessel can be gassed up following dry dock and cooled down. This can be done by cooling down one tank and loading a parcel of LNG via ship-to-ship where the vessel can then sail and subsequently cool down her other tanks when required.

Gas up and cool down services are currently available in Malaysia and the Middle East, if required permissions can be obtained to suit the customers’ requirements.

Emergency Ship-to-ship Response

We can arrange transfers on a rapid deployment basis in the event of an emergency. With worldwide locations and possessing the best equipment and resources worldwide, LNGSTS will respond quickly and effectively to your emergency sip-to-ship needs.

Emergency ship-to-ship services are offered on a contractual basis.

Marine Assurance Services

LNGSTS offers high quality marine assurance services designed to improve performance onboard and ashore to ensure that risk, loss and damage are reduced.

  • We offer both ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore compatibility services:
  • Vessel to vessel compatibility
  • Vessel compatibility prior to TCP agreement
  • Compatibility between terminal and vessel owner/operator
  • Optimoor-trained staff
  • Suitability of mooring arrangement and equipment

Ship-to-ship Procedural Development

For companies who aren’t experienced in LNG transfers, we are happy to review and adapt existing procedures to include LNG STS operations, FSRU or Terminal Operating Procedures.

We have developed and implemented safety management systems for the following:

  • Ship-To-Ship
  • Ship-to-Shore
  • FSRU’s
  • Terminals

We also have conducted training and produced manuals in the following areas:

  • Terminal operations
  • Terminal maintenance
  • Compatibility
  • FSRU
  • FSRU Operations

Ship-to-ship equipment Procurement

LNGSTS offers operational and technical support in the provision and procurement of ship-to-ship transfer systems.

  • Emergency Release Couplings (ERC’S)/Systems
  • Hoses
  • Saddles
  • Fall Arrestors,
  • Fenders,
  • Ancillary Items,
  • Ship Conversions
  • Quick Release Hook (QRC’s) Specification
  • Mooring systems

Fender Hire

Safe berthing starts here.

LNGSTS is dedicated to safe berthing and only stocks Pneumatic Floating Fenders for safety, durability and up to ISO 17357 standards.

  • 35 accessible locations worldwide
  • Fenders / hoses can be strategically moved to locations promptly as required
  • Competitive quotations on request

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